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Cleveland Men’s Package Set

Cleveland Men’s Package Set

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Set Includes Driver, 5 Wood, 5 Hybrid, Irons 6-9 and SW, Putter, Golf Cart Bag


The new 2023 package set that includes everything needed to successfully navigate all distances on the course, it is ideal for golfers seeking increased distance, accuracy, and consistency to their game, in a modern design.

The metalwoods including driver, fairway and hybrid are optimised for easy launch and blistering ball speeds, achieved by positioning CG low and back alongside a thin club face. The soles of the fairway and hybrids are designed to interact smoothly on each strike, reducing friction with the turf to promote smooth swings from a variety of lies.

The irons are superb for attacking the pin, with perimeter weighted forgiveness to keep you on target even on off-hits. The cavity back design encourages you to swing confidently and powerfully, while keeping shots consistently on target. The pitching wedge and sand wedge offer incredible tactile feedback, allowing you to fine tune your close-range shots, as well as easily escaping bunkers.

The included blade putter offers very clear visual alignment on each putt, with a finely balanced weighting for consistent, smooth rolls. 

The complete club-set is transported via a premium bag, boasting an enlarged diameter top for easy club storage and pockets for accessories, valuables, clothing and more. The included rain hood ensures total club protection in inclement weather, giving you peace of mind to concentrate on the game at hand.

The graphite shafted irons are ideal for players with slower to average swing speeds, with the ideal flex to enhance generated speed on each swing.



CG is low and back, for easier launch and consistency on each swing. The club face is thin and hot, producing incredibly fast ball speeds for satisfying distances.


With great turf interaction on each club, alongside perimeter weighted, cavity backed irons, swing confidently in the knowledge that even off-hits are designed to travel straight and keep you on target.



Driver 10.5* (Graphite Shaft)

Thunderous distance combined with superb accuracy and easy launch on each strike.

5 Fairway Wood (Graphite Shaft)

Incredible turf interaction combined with low CG makes for effortless launch and consistent shots, providing piercing, straight ball flight.

5 Hybrid 

A versatile replacement for the hard to hit long irons, the hybrid interacts well with the turf to promote smooth, consistent swings for a variety of shot types and distances.

Irons 6, 7, 8, 9 

Tactile, forgiving and accurate, these irons encourage attacking play and inspire confidence at address.

Pitching Wedge & Sand Wedge

Chip on effortlessly and escape bunkers easily with these soft feel wedges, each of which is perfectly lofted for best yield on each strike.

Blade Putter

Offering superb visual alignment and smooth roll action, this putter is perfectly weight balanced for superior results.

Tour Style Bag

Premium construction durability and a large volume of club and personal storage ensures best performance on the course. Clubs are protected by the included rain hood, while the bag itself is easily transported via the carry strap or by buggy/cart.


Driver, Fairway, Hybrid & Putter

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